IQ version 1.0 is right around the corner, here’s what you need to know.

The Technology Roadmap

As we prepare to launch IQ v1.0, I want to bring you behind the scenes and give you a sneak peek at the world’s most intelligent knowledge assistant.

Let’s start with IQ. What is it?

We like to say we’re putting the intelligence into bundleIQ. Until now, our software competed for market share against Evernote, Notion, Obsidian, and Roam Research. Now, IQ is a product that makes all of those products (including our own) smarter. We believe IQ is the world’s most intelligent knowledge assistant using GPT-3 and a proprietary ensemble of technology…

How to get the most out of shared Yac messages

bundleIQ Yac Integration

In the coming week, we’re rolling out several integrations; one of these is with a company called Yac.

If you’re not familiar with Yac, think Slack but audio first messages. It’s a lot easier to explain something audibly than write it, hence the word yac.

With bundleIQ, Yac users get an intelligent knowledge base that builds on their thoughts. Using artificial intelligence, IQ converts Yac messages into relational notes.

Supercharge your knowledge work with IQ

The productivity gains with this integration are mind-blowing.

Not only does IQ save you time from searching, organizing, and remembering, bundleIQ can make unexpected and meaningful connections between ideas (we create…

Our journey creating an AI that serves up knowledge when it’s needed

When we set out to build bundleIQ, we wanted to create a companion that delivered insightful information to users while they work. Inspired by Grammarly, an AI assistant that helps creators write better, we wanted bundleIQ to help users think better.

IQ surfacing relevant insights inside Gmail

Easier said than done.

We didn’t realize how difficult it would be to predict what a user might need at any given moment, but we’ve been committed to the cause because we recognize how much people struggle to access knowledge when they need it.

Knowledge workers spend…

Get intelligent insights as you work

Integrate Yac with bundleIQ to get the most out of your knowledge work

Inefficient knowledge sharing costs large businesses $47 million/year.

To that end, the average employee spends 5 hours per week waiting for assistance or insights from coworkers. During this time, employees either recreate their colleagues’ existing work or delay their effort.

60 percent of respondents found it difficult, very difficult, or nearly impossible to obtain information vital to their job from their colleagues.

What’s more, in the US alone, companies host more than 11 million video conference calls every day, 330 million minutes, 99 billion words, and more than 18 million pages worth of potentially…

I recently met with a longtime entrepreneur who has been rethinking his workflow. He’s been feeling overwhelmed by the sea of information taking up his headspace: unread emails, notes, messages, files, and the like.

We’ve all been there and are probably still dealing with it.

The Debilitating Challenge of Knowledge Work

More than a third of the globe’s workforce makes up the large group of knowledge workers hacking their way through value creation. The reality is, this collection of thinkers — engineers, attorneys, educators, analysts, researchers, programmers, physicians, pharmacists, architects, scientists, and so on, are up against a debilitating capacity issue.

Considering the tasks being performed…

Nearly a year ago, as the world was locking down, I learned about a new app that automatically matches people based on interests. It was invite-only and offered one 30-minute professional date every day of the week. My friend Grant knew I was looking to connect with people in the AI space and suggested giving LunchClub a try.

I proceeded to schedule one meeting per day over the next few weeks to see what came of the exchanges. On the other side of it, I’m glad I did because I connected with some remarkable humans who remain in my life…

Earlier this month, March 2021, we published the third variant of IQ, our AI-extension*. This version offers two data integrations making recommendations from your notes in bundleIQ and Wikipedia results. It is available for installation on the Chrome Store and Mozilla Firefox Add Ons.

In terms of performance, version three is significantly better than the previous one, offering quicker indexing and bug fixes. New notes become available for matching within 60 seconds after being saved rather than 5 minutes. As for the bug fixes, we removed redundancy in the system. …

This week has been particularly interesting because I’ve been working on capitalizing bundleIQ.

After several months of pitching and going through this process, I think I finally have enough information and experience to share some observations that may help your journey. At some point, I’ll likely write a multi-part series, but for now, here are the three kinds of founder archetypes I’ve identified and sorted by order of propensity — their ability to obtain funding.

The Founder Archetypes

Throughout my time fundraising, I found that there are essentially three kinds of people with varying abilities to attract funding.
1. The Doctor
2. The Veteran…

When you think about artificial intelligence, what comes to mind? Siri, Alexa, driverless vehicles, robots vacuuming your floor?

Likely. And, if you said yes to any of these, you would be accurate in identifying the Jetsons-like future we’re in today.

To that end, the world has been embracing AI at a marked rate. Adoption is up 270 percent over the past four years, and AI as an industry is expected to reach roughly $300 billion in annual revenue over the next five years.

When considering the future, we’re often compelled to recognize the harsh reality that one day AI may…

Co-creating with GPT3

It went something like this, hey Harris, what is the title of your new book? Don’t you have one?

Okay, send me your synopsis, and I’ll see if I can run it through GPT3 and come up with a title.

Not familiar with GPT3?

Neither was I until earlier this year.

GPT3 is a series of artificial intelligence models that further machine communication and its understanding of human language.


Augmenting Workplace Intelligence

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