AI and Human Rights, A Story About Equality

Nearly a year ago, as the world was locking down, I learned about a new app that automatically matches people based on interests. It was invite-only and offered one 30-minute professional date every day of the week. My friend Grant knew I was looking to connect with people in the AI space and suggested giving LunchClub a try.

I proceeded to schedule one meeting per day over the next few weeks to see what came of the exchanges. On the other side of it, I’m glad I did because I connected with some remarkable humans who remain in my life today. One was Aaina Agarwal.

Aaina was formerly a member of the AI policy team at the World Economic Forum, where she launched and ran the Global AI Council. She also served as the inaugural Director of Policy & Partnerships at the Algorithmic Justice League, where she serves as its Human Rights Advisor. I vividly remember our LunchClub meet because the dialogue was dense. Her background was fascinating, and the discussion was the first I ever had with someone who studied the system we’re building at bundleIQ.

Today, I had the pleasure of joining as a guest on her new podcast, Indivisible AI.

Coming live from her San Francisco apartment, a dark brown-haired woman smiled back at me on the screen. Hi, Aaina! I said.

“Welcome to the Indivisible AI Podcast!

Jumping over the whos and whys and straight into the subject of the matter, she and I discussed my vision for bundleIQ as it pertained to equality. Having designed the conversation to bring visibility to AI implementation challenges and dynamics, she offered space to converse about these concerning human rights.

Finding equilibrium in a society where economic disparity is widespread is no easy task. Close your eyes and picture a world where technology supports creating superpowers for some but not others.

Aaina describes AI as more than a technology; it is a rallying point for our future. And, acknowledges that because we are at the beginning of this journey companies and leadership have a chance to create with intention.

Advocating for human rights protects people against one-sided relationships of power. Building a tomorrow with this in mind is the opportunity at hand.

bundleIQ’s role in this game has to do with adjusting the business model. At this time, we charge to unlock the power of AI. With this newfound capability, users can access relevant knowledge faster than humanly possibly. The few having an advantage over the many only perpetuates the problem.

The question then becomes, how does bundleIQ, as a company, balance this equation?

For starters, from where I sit as the CEO, I am aware of this reality, and I was even before this podcast. As far as unpacking the details of how we’ll get there, I’ll leave it for you to tune in to when Aaina drops the episode.

Being in the driver’s seat of augmenting human intelligence is a position I take seriously. When I set out on this journey, I had no idea what was possible; I just knew it was essential to help normalize cognition. Speaking with Aaina and people like her creates so much clarity and purpose for our mission, and I’m excited to share more when the time is right.

Work Smarter Together.

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