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AI Bloopers That Will Make You Smile

It’s proof that nature, humans, and AI all learn through failure.



We all want to become more efficient. We’re looking for the perfect productivity hack. It’s all hustle, precision, and perfection. We marvel at the beauty of athletes at the peak of their physical and mental game.

It’s Stephen Curry arching a perfectly spinning basketball towards the goal and hitting nothing but net. It’s Simone Biles speeding down the runway, launching herself into the air, and performing a Yurenko Double Pike — most difficult vault in history — sticking the landing, in an exhibit of grace and power. It’s Patrick Mahomes completing beautiful, no-look passes, from all arm angles, in a game of violence.

It’s Stevie Ray Vaughn playing a song that many others have played, becoming one with the music, and creating something completely new.

We don’t often see them fall on their face.

But they do. Time and time again. It’s an essential part of learning, this failure. It leads to success. It leads to competency. It can lead to perfection.

AI isn’t any different. It learns from failure. We have plenty of examples of AI falling on it’s face. Hopefully this leads to improvement and learning and perfection of tasks.

So, in the spirit of getting better, here are the top five AI/Robot face plants. It’s ok to laugh. You won’t hurt their feelings. At least just yet.

  1. Parkour is hard — It’s the art of moving from one place to another as quickly as possible while running, jumping, vaulting, and climbing. You can see it in every action movie made in the last 10 years. It’s a tough skill to learn. Impossible to learn without falling. Boston Dynamics is teaching their robots parkour. Watching a robot fall on its face is flat-out, pie-in-the-face funny.
  2. Delivery Robots getting stuck — Yes, as robots are kicked out of the nest/laboratory and venture into the world they will need help. If you saw a child fall down or get stuck you’d help out, right. We’ll need to do the same with delivery robots. You might get a ‘Have a nice day’ as a thank you.
  3. Skiing Robots — Can’t learn to ski without falling. Never happened. never will. Check out these robots, in the Robot Olympics, skiing and falling.
  4. Dancing? — Here, we see the end results of many, many toe stubs, and landing-on-butt falls. But we get robots dancing, in sync, with their dog, and their own ‘Big Bird’. It’s Boston Dynamics again. Do You Love Me?
  5. When AI meets AI — what happens when a Promobot meets a self-driving Tesla on the way to the CES show in Vegas? Tesla wins.

Point being, get out there and fail. AI is failing. And learning. And becoming more human-like.

The sooner you fall on your face, the sooner you get up, the sooner you learn.

Smile. Begin.




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