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AI is Evolving. Have AI Movies Evolved?

3 min readFeb 28, 2024

Check out these 5 new.ish AI movies.

Movies about AI. Movies made by AI. image by DALLE.3 x jeff robbins

AI reaches across all aspects of our society. It’s in our politics, our newsfeeds, our schools. It’s helping get food on your table.

And of course, it’s being used to tell stories. We’ve had AI movies for almost as long as we’ve been making movies. But now we are able to make movies entirely using AI.

Check out these relatively new movies all about AI and made by AI:

Borrowing Time — This movie was made by Dave Clark, creative director and storyteller, using AI. It may be a first of it’s kind. AI by AI but guided by a human. This short film is a personal story taken from the experiences of Clark’s father. It’s about being in the wrong place. It’s about being in the wrong time. And it’s about being black in the 1960’s. Check it our here.

Morgan — The story is similar to M3gan. You know, scientist creating a human-like AI creature for our benefit and it becomes ever more sentient and human. And then it gets pissed. Huge stellar cast. It’s scary. And fun. It also happens to be the first time a trailer for a movie was made by AI. Check out the trailer here.

The Safe Zone — ChatGPT was launched on November 30th, 2022. Seventeen days later, Richard Juan got a jump on the entertainment industry. He created the world’s first AI scripted — and directed — short film, The Safe Zone.

ChatGPT created the script, gave instructions for specific camera movements, lighting requirements, and even created shot lists. It designed the wardrobe for the actors. And using DALLE, generated story boards for the movie. Ok. It’s not going to win any awards unless you count the Razzies. But it was the first out of the box. And fun if you like to watch bad movies, with a drink in your hand, and rip on them.

Check Point — Another short film. This one is not a sci-fi end-of-the-world as we know it film. It’s not even sci-fi. It’s a documentary. The goal here is to blur the line between human creator and AI creator. This one will make you think. Which is good. Check it out here.

The Creator — currently streaming everywhere, this film is beautiful to watch. Every image is sculpted to evoke emotion. Think Blade Runner meets Akira meets Apocalyspe Now. The movie is a battle between humans and AI. But this time AI has its supporters. Perhaps a world where we use AI to benefit humankind isn’t so bad. This is a block buster, popcorn style production. Big. Beautiful. Bold. Check it out here.

Have fun. And if you have any suggestions for your favorite AI movies — short, long, or just plain bad — drop us a line. We’d love to give them a watch.

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