AI-Powered Search for PDFs

2 min readNov 23, 2022
Get more out of your search

This feature will help you locate a specific piece of information within a large document or help you find the information you need faster and more efficiently.

bundleIQ’s neural search engine is built into the knowledge management workspace. We leverage AI-powered search to help users find what they are looking for in PDF files and notes. The search engine considers various factors when ranking results, including the keywords used, the meaning of those keywords, and the intent behind the search, to provide more accurate and relevant results. Here’s how you can leverage AI-powered search to find what you need in your files. Get started in 3 easy steps.

Search results based on keyword density and semantic search

Import PDF Files

  • First, create a new bundle and label it “Research” or a topic representing the files.
  • Then, hover over the purple “plus button” and click “Import Files.”
  • Choose where you want those files to be imported
  • Drag the file into the file upload box
  • Click “Upload”

Wait a Few Minutes

  • It takes a few minutes (1–5 minutes) to index the files once they’ve been uploaded.
  • Try to keep the file size below 15MB and only upload a few files at a time (we’ll be adding more scale to the upload functionality soon)

Start Searching

  • Click on the master search bar at the top of the workspace
  • Search by keywords, phrases, or questions

Read “Search Results Relevance Scores” to learn how bundleIQ’s neural search engine comes up with and ranks semantic search and keyword results based on meaning and intent.




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