AI-Powered Search for PDFs

Get more out of your search
Search results based on keyword density and semantic search

Import PDF Files

  • First, create a new bundle and label it “Research” or a topic representing the files.
  • Then, hover over the purple “plus button” and click “Import Files.”
  • Choose where you want those files to be imported
  • Drag the file into the file upload box
  • Click “Upload”

Wait a Few Minutes

  • It takes a few minutes (1–5 minutes) to index the files once they’ve been uploaded.
  • Try to keep the file size below 15MB and only upload a few files at a time (we’ll be adding more scale to the upload functionality soon)

Start Searching

  • Click on the master search bar at the top of the workspace
  • Search by keywords, phrases, or questions



AI-powered workspace built for research and writing.

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