AI-powered Zettelkasten

The Zettelkasten is a system for managing knowledge that emphasizes both learning and writing. It can be used to organize information, improve your workflow, and share your knowledge with others.

In the Zettelkasten system, each piece of information is given an identity, which allows it to be referenced and linked to other pieces of information. This makes it easy to find and connect related data. Additionally, tags are used instead of categories, making it easier to find and connect related information.

  • Capture thoughts
  • Make it easier to reference notes in the system by using tags instead of categories
  • Link notes because search alone is not enough.
A Zettelkasten is made up of notes containing numbers, tags (blue), and cross-references to other notes (red). A tag index (bottom right) allows topical cross-referencing.

bundleIQ helps improve knowledge management by making capturing, connecting, and learning effortless.

  • Jumpstart your knowledge base — Take notes, upload docs, or save content from the web
  • NO need to tag or categorize content, bundleIQ’s AI does this for you automatically
  • Be inspired and learn from your intelligent assistant
AI-powered Zettelkasten
Automatically connect the dots in your thinking with bundleIQ’s AI-powered workspace

For more, read, “AI-powered Zettelkasten Part II.”



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