AI-powered Zettelkasten

Traditional Zettelkasten

  • Capture thoughts
  • Make it easier to reference notes in the system by using tags instead of categories
  • Link notes because search alone is not enough.
A Zettelkasten is made up of notes containing numbers, tags (blue), and cross-references to other notes (red). A tag index (bottom right) allows topical cross-referencing.

The AI-powered Zettelkasten

  • Jumpstart your knowledge base — Take notes, upload docs, or save content from the web
  • NO need to tag or categorize content, bundleIQ’s AI does this for you automatically
  • Be inspired and learn from your intelligent assistant
AI-powered Zettelkasten
Automatically connect the dots in your thinking with bundleIQ’s AI-powered workspace

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Augmenting Workplace Intelligence

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Augmenting Workplace Intelligence

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