An AI-forward Student Ambassador Program

2 min readOct 28, 2021


Enroll, Engage, and Educate. That’s your role as a student ambassador.

Starting November 2021, we will be launching a program that brings students closer to the future of work. Here’s what the Student Ambassador Program looks like for you if you’re interested.


Enrollment occurs bilaterally — as a student, you choose to work with bundleIQ, and we decide if it makes sense to work with you. Interested? Please fill out this form so we can get to know you.


Engagement looks like leaning into your full potential. Once you’re in, you’ll be encouraged to join the conversation on Discord. Here, the world is viewed as a playground, a place where we’re constantly challenging what we think we know while building on ideas to make life better.


Education is ongoing. As a Student Ambassador, you will learn how to leverage artificial intelligence to work smarter. We will host IQ sessions, where bundleIQ software engineers demonstrate how to use the product and get the most out of the experience. Likewise, we want to listen to your ideas and hear about the ways you see us improving.

Student Ambassador Program (SAP) Outline

  • Enrollment — Fill out this Application Form
  • One-on-one meet and greet with the SAP manager
  • SAP onboarding and product demo call
  • Ambassadors get access to bundleIQ tutorials and resources
  • Ambassadors get a Pro Plan valued at $39.99/mo
  • Ambassadors get unlimited 50% off promo codes that they can share with their peers.
  • Ambassadors get access to the SAP Discord Server.
  • Ambassadors get to attend one IQ Session per quarter
  • Ambassadors have an opportunity to contribute to the bundleIQ Medium




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