Getting Featured by Apple is Likely Worth a lot More than You Think it is

Sipping my mid-afternoon coffee, I looked down at my phone to check in with my team on Slack and was taken back by more notifications than I could count coming across my screen. What in the world, I said out loud while sitting in my living room with what I’m sure looked like a bewildered stare on my face.

Collecting my thoughts, I opened up the App Store on my phone to see if bnotes was featured somewhere; it was the only thing I could think of that would send downloads pouring in. I’ve been here before…
Not in this same seat, but in this position with an app that had been featured by Apple.

To my surprise, I found nothing, after scouring through the category pages, the homepage and even after doing a Google search, I saw no sign of a feature.
As you can imagine, I was a bit perplexed in wonderment. I couldn’t answer the question, what’s happening?
I put my phone down, took a deep breath and sat there in silence for a few minutes to soak up the moment.

Then, a ping came through

“Hi Nick,
Congrats on being featured under “New Apps We Love.” I’m reaching out to introduce myself as a resource here at Apple…”

Ahh, we are featured.

I asked Mitch, the Apple representative, to send a screenshot. What I deduced at that moment was that I couldn’t see the feature because the app was already on my device, which made total sense.

“New Apps We Love” by the Numbers

App Store Traffic | 3.4M impressions (showed up in a users feed)

App Store Traffic | 4.62K downloads (user downloaded app)

  • 9/4 | 503 | 516K impressions | .09% conversion rate
  • 9/5 | 1,410 | 1.4M impressions | .1% conversion rate
  • 9/6 | 1,020 | 985K impressions | .1% conversion rate
  • 9/7 | 601 | 197K impressions | .3% conversion rate
  • 9/8 | 368 | 207K impressions | .17% conversion rate
  • 9/9 | 370 |202K impressions | .18% conversion rate
  • 9/10 | 345 | n/a

Breaking Down the Value of Getting Featured by Apple

To date, we’ve spent $22.5K on targeted App Store Search Engine Marketing which has delivered 308K impressions and 7.3K downloads (2.3% conversion rate at $3CPA).

Note: looking at this from an advertiser’s perspective, it would be a bit of apple to oranges scenario to try to compare the featured placement results directly to targeted SEM.

However, there is a story here in terms of direct conversion — I’ll tell you exactly what it is worth to us, as a company, in terms of earned dollars — $17,092 and counting (based on $4 CPA less ongoing advertising expenditures during that period)

If we were to flip the script and analyze the earned media value purely from the perspective of brand awareness, outside of direct downloads, then we would measure ROS advertising and corresponding CPMs. With that, if we were paying for run of site (ROS), non targeted impressions, at an industry average CPM (cost per thousand) of $3–5 then the value would be upwards of $14K+.

Either way you slice it, the feature is worth a nice chunk of change and the derivative effects are still to be determind. So, thanks Apple for featuring bnotes as, “New Apps We Love” & thank all of you for tuning in and using the app!


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