Let’s Talk About Expectations, Shall We?


I’m sending this message as we close out our third full week to put forth a few promises that we are committing to you, the user.


  • Our CTO is the real deal, he worked on Nike Plus and was a lead engineer on Siri before Apple acquired it for $200MM. His name is Ben and I’ve asked him to provide me a full brief on exactly what we are doing to keep your thoughts secure — it’s our highest priority.


  • Technology is meant to support you in life so that you can Think Less and Do More — we’re keenly aware of how to do that and the future is now.


  • Our aim is to enhance your quality of life by reducing any and all unnecessary energy expenditures from the moment you start the workday.

So, on behalf of the team, I want to say thank you for becoming a user and I look forward to building upon this relationship so that we may all flourish.

Breathe & Believe,

Nicholas Mohnacky

CEO & Co-founder of Bnotes

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