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2 min readNov 15, 2023

AI-powered Research with Trusted Sources

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AI-powered Research powered by ALANI

When it comes to research, quick access to reliable and comprehensive information is key. This is where bundleIQ steps in, offering an innovative solution to streamline your research process — the bundleIQ Chat Bundles.

What are Chat Bundles?

Chat Bundles are personalized research libraries, providing instant access to a curated collection of knowledge, including reports, scholarly articles, YouTube videos, and more, all tailored to your specific research needs and powered by ALANI, your AI research assistant.

The Value of Customized Knowledge

Customization is at the heart of bundleIQ Chat Bundles. Each bundle is a unique compilation of sourced content selected based on your research topics and preferences. It delivers focused and relevant information directly to you for more efficient analysis and understanding.

Here’s an example —

Acquired Podcast Chat Bundle

Enhancing Your Research Experience

  1. Time Efficiency: bundleIQ saves time by quickly presenting relevant information, reducing the need for extensive manual searches.
  2. Quality Sources: The service provides high-quality, reliable information from a variety of vetted sources.
  3. Easy Access: Interact with your bundle through a simple chat interface, where ALANI fetches answers from your customized collection.
  4. Continuous Learning: ALANI learns and adapts to your needs, refining the content to suit your evolving research requirements.

Real-World Applications

bundleIQ Chat Bundles are transformative across various fields, offering students a personal research library and professionals a tool for quick decision-making and staying updated with industry trends.

Getting Started with Your Personal Research Bot

Creating your own research bot with bundleIQ in 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign up or sign in at
  2. Create a bundle like “Advertising Research,” then start adding articles, interviews, reports, and other relevant content to the bundle
  3. Create a Chatbot — select the bundle, fill out some information about the bot, then click “Create Chatbot” to publish your own chat assistant
Create your own research chatbot

A New Era of Research at Your Fingertips

bundleIQ Chat Bundles signify a significant advancement in information access and utilization, offering personalized, reliable, and readily accessible knowledge, revolutionizing the research experience.

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