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By leveraging ALANI, bundleIQ’s conversational AI, companies gain valuable insight into their data faster than ever before.

ALANI is now officially in private beta. If you haven’t gotten access yet, click this link and sign up for the beta list, and a bundleIQ customer success rep will promptly respond.

ALANI prompt referencing all transcripts in the “Podcasts Workspace”


ALANI is bundleIQ’s conversational AI that can answer questions and create content based on personalized data. It’s the functional version of chatGPT trained on your bundles of knowledge.

The Name

Our co-founder, Nick, was raised in Hawaii. He has a deep love and pride for Hawaiian culture, hence the Hawaiian name ALANI which means fragrant. In the AI context, ALANI is an acronym that stands for






ALANI question relating to the All-In Podcast Bundle


ALANI is a powerful sidekick that can help users increase their efficiency, understanding, and productivity. It uses natural language processing to recognize the meaning and intent of users’ queries to generate personalized content in response. ALANI’s AI engine is trained on the data users add to their workspaces and bundles, allowing it to provide accurate answers quickly.


Research: Ingest and make sense of large documents quickly

Discover: Make connections in your data that aren’t obvious

Create: Write factually accurate content based on research

Asking “How did SVB collapse?” against the insights from Episode 119 Transcripts of the All-In Podcast

How To’s

There are a handful of ways you can leverage ALANI.

  1. You can ask questions across all your bundles and documents on the Workspace level.
  2. You can prompt particular groups of documents on the Bundle level.
  3. To activate ALANI — Press Command I (when using Macs) and Control I (when using PCs) on the bundle level and workspace levels
  4. Interrogate a single file on the document level.
  5. Click the Q&A tile on the document level to activate ALANI.


ALANI is designed to help companies save time and money by reducing time to insight. It can quickly ingest large documents, make connections in data that may not be obvious, and generate personalized content based on research. ALANI’s AI engine constantly learns from the user’s data, allowing it to provide accurate answers faster than ever. With ALANI, businesses can increase their efficiency and productivity while reducing costs associated with manual labor.

Sign up for the beta list now to experience ALANI.




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