Every company, team, and organization are trying to understand how to arrive at and how to optimize ROI. What companies are starting to realize is that their workflow is becoming a lot more work and a lot less flow due to the number of tools required to help them go from idea to results.
Fortunately for you, we created bnotes to improve the flow of intelligence across organizations by keeping communications organized, relevant, and actionable within a single system.

i.e., one tool for all business communications

Everything that’s ever been created by humans started with an idea. Ideas are made manifest by way of a partner, or a host and bnotes help move ideas into action and action into consumer value.
When it comes to organizing thoughts, our intuitive hashtag system makes it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for. No more endlessly searching through your inbox or cloud folders looking for your notes.

Communication often breaks down once a team grows more extensive than a handful of people — but it doesn’t have to. Now, you can easily access and share the notes you create all in one place.

Meet Jeff — Jeff owns a food/beverage startup company.
As you can imagine, growing his business demands oversight and diligence. He and his team use bnotes to stay apprised of key performance metrics and share in their findings.

bnotes.co website traffic | 28 days

Bnotes helps you visualize the impact of your efforts, so you know what’s working — and what isn’t. Our Business Intelligence dashboard allows managers to monitor real-time updates and measure how day-to-day work is translating into revenue, visits, click, likes, transactions, new users, and more.

As a user, you can customize your dashboard by integrating Google Analytics and Facebook data, to start. Connect business activities with critical metrics leveraging bnotes data modules.
New modules coming soon: Instagram, Mailchimp, Pinterest, Shopify, Twitter, and Quickbooks.

Work Smarter Together.

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