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Unlocking the power of IQ

Asking customers to switch from Evernote or Notion to bundleIQ is awkward, so we won’t ask you to do that. Instead, we ask that you consider using our product for research. Why? Because making sense of a lot of information can be overwhelming, and other tools don’t help you cut through the noise.

AI-powered Search

Our quick and accurate AI-powered search combined with our Custom Uploads feature gives you the power to create large knowledge repositories and semantically query against the data.

For example, we uploaded Rivian’s S-1 (300+ page) filing and asked, “What is Rivian’s battery technology strategy?”

Here’s Control F on the Document👇🏽

Here’s a Semantic Search using bundleIQ 👇🏽

Semantic Analysis with 10 Results
Details from the most relevant result

We offer you swift access to insights even for the most voracious readers. Read our turnkey path to populating your workspace with valuable information and unlock the power of IQ (click here to install on Chrome).

Exporting Historical Notes and Docs

If you want to reference and search existing information to help with your research, then here’s how you can import that Content from Notion, Evernote, or Google Docs.

Importing Content Into bundleIQ

Bulk import the pdfs using Custom Uploads* under “Manage Integrations.”
Sign up for a bundleIQ account
Click, Manage Integrations
Click the Upload button
• Drag in the pdf files from Evernote or Google Drive

*Custom Uploads functionality is a premium feature. Email to set up a free trial.




Augmenting Workplace Intelligence

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Augmenting Workplace Intelligence

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