How Collective Intelligence AmplifiesYour Ability to Solve Problems

Increase your IQ by tapping into shared knowledge. Here’s How.

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As a researcher, analyst, or student, you’re constantly gathering information and making sense of it. Your ability to solve problems stems from knowledge and understanding.

Expedite this process by inviting others to work with you.

Introducing CI — Collective Intelligence

You are likely familiar with AI, but what about CI?

Say hello to our newest feature, Collective Intelligence.

Collective intelligence is a shared or group intelligence that emerges from many individuals’ collaboration, joint efforts, and competition and appears in consensus decision-making.

Watch this Video to See CI in Action

Collective Intelligence as a collaborative function has been around since the dawn of time. Just consider the ways bees, ants, and mushrooms interact with each other.

As it relates to knowledge work, this concept is essential to scaling people’s ability to work together. According to McKinsey, 19% of the workweek is spent searching for information. And another 20% is spent duplicating work. That is a MASSIVE problem.

Here’s how you can use bundleIQ’s AI and now, CI to 10x your knowledge work.

  • Share a Bundle — Once you’ve added collaborators to your Workspace, share a Bundle with them by clicking the toggle “ON” next to their name in the bundle settings. (reference the image below)
Invite to Workspace > Toggle user on inside Bundle Settings

Now that you’ve shared one or more Bundles, these users can add content to the Bundle and collaborate any “editable notes.”

Here’s the fun part. Are you ready?

Because the collaborator is inside that Bundle, they can get AI-powered suggestions from ALL of the notes in the Bundle, regardless of whether they created them. So, now, everyone can learn from each other and tap into shared insights as a group. (reference the image below)

With CI — User A gets contextually relevant suggestions from User B, C, & D



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