How to Collaborate with Your Team Using bundleIQ

Do you have a team that you want to collaborate with on bundleIQ?
If yes, then this post is for you.

Our Lexicon

  • Workspace — a virtual space to store company-wide content
  • Bundle — a collection of documents by topic or category
  • Note — a document inside bundleIQ
  • Tag — a function that allows you to filter notes
  • Discussion — a conversation attached to a note
  • ‘IQ — an Artificial Intelligence that you can use to resurface your notes.

Managing Your Teams

Now that you’re familiar with our lexicon take a moment to sign up for an account if you haven’t done so already —

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” — Michael Jordan

When inviting members to bundles, consider how you want to work together. bundleIQ gives you the option to break your bundles into different teams. For example, the Marketing bundle could have Members A, B, and C, and the Design bundle could have Members A, C, and E. We did this to provide privacy; you do not have to make bundles available to everyone in the company.

How to create a bundle and invite members.
Create and share notes with your team.
Keep conversations flowing with discussions.

How Augmented Intelligence Can Help You Work Smarter

We’ll soon be releasing an “Intelligent Plan,” an AI assistant called ‘IQ that will amplify your knowledge work. Our AI comes in the form of Augmented Intelligence, where we use artificial intelligence to help you work smarter. ‘IQ sits in the note editor and surfaces relevant insights in real-time as you write. Read, “AI that Enhances Human Intelligence Instead of Replacing It.”

Work Smarter Together.

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