How to Learn Faster with AI

2 min readApr 25, 2022


tl;dr: Why books are such great sources of knowledge, and how they can be combined with AI to accelerate the process of learning.

I recently came across an IG story asking for book recommendations, “Hey guys, I’m looking for some non-fiction business books to read for Q2.”

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Each month, people spend hours/days reading. It’s essential to sense-making and critical to our development as humans, but in some ways, reading is a waste of time. Here’s why.

First, Why Books?

Books embody the sacred understanding of our existence. When we seek out knowledge, we are saying that we have a desire to become better acquainted with ourselves and our world.

Here’s the problem — the average person reads 300 words per minute and one book is usually 50,000+ words. So how do you learn more in less time when there’s so much to read?

Learning Faster with AI

One’s passion for learning comes from the urge to expand capacity, experience, and ability; it’s a foundational part of life.

So, how can we expedite this process?

At bundleIQ, we want to help people solve the world’s most pressing problems faster — Climate Change, Pandemics, Global Conflicts, Starvation, Homelessness, to name a few. How?

By providing an “over the shoulder” tool that serves up relevant knowledge as people work.

We do this with artificial intelligence that recognizes what users read and write and taps into knowledge bases to deliver valuable insights. eg. As a user, you can learn how to sell better while drafting an email to a prospective customer (reference image below).

bundleIQ’s AI assistant suggests insights on how to best communicate with customers.

Accessing Knowledge on Demand

Knowledge is an understanding of how to do something. It comes by way of testing information. Books make an excellent source of knowledge because the content is pre-processed (in most cases) and is known to be accurate or, at minimum, applicable. Here’s how you can create knowledge on-demand:

  1. Create a custom knowledge repository by uploading books — watch demo
  2. Install the chrome extension
  3. Type/Analyze/Search watch this video to see a demo




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