How You Can Increase Output While Decreasing Input

Are you a non-technical person frustrated by software? If yes, you are among the majority that needs to believe before embracing something new, and your willingness usually starts with answering, why?

Streamline comms and accelerate efficiency.

Because you can increase output (products, services, information, etc.) while decreasing input (effort, time, resources, etc.)

Streamline your workflow by eliminating unnecessary tools and steps. Read Four Workflow Strategies Everyone Should Implement to Increase their Productivity.

Here’s what that looks like for a company with about 40 employees. First, it’s essential to understand the two types of written communications.

  1. Short-form (messages) — Slack or Teams
  2. Long-form (notes, docs, & knowledge) — bundleIQ

Slack and Teams support real-time conversations in the same way text message, or WhatsApp does except in a team environment. These do not compete with long-form communications. Read How the Executive Assistant to Slack’s CTO, Shelley Trask, uses Slack.

From the back of a napkin to reality, long-form communications covers ideation through the action plan.

  1. Notes
  2. Discussions
  3. Documents
  4. Knowledge — any piece of information or actionable insight needed at a later date. Alternatively, documentation of standard operating procedures to assist an employee in understanding how to perform a task.

Using bundleIQ, create a workspace and give it a name based on its utility like Company Name, Project Name, Department Name, or something along those lines.

Next, create bundles. Bundles can be Departments, Topics, or Projects.

Invite team members to the corresponding bundles.

Lastly, publish notes to bundles and have discussions (reference the diagram).

bundleIQ Overview — Workspaces, Bundles, Notes, Discussions, and Artificial Intelligence (not shown)

Knowledge flows freely and transparently in the above workflow, which means the team doesn’t have to think so hard. Members know precisely where the content is at all times because it can’t be anywhere else; it’s in bundleIQ. Publishing notes with context provides clarity, clear understanding.

One place to accommodate team intelligence drives productivity; inevitably, their results will improve even as efforts decrease. Combine this with Artificial Intelligence, and intelligence amplifies. Click here to see how we’ve put the IQ in bundleIQ suggesting knowledge in real-time when you need it most.

From idea through an action plan, bundleIQ can help bring your ideas to life.

From idea to action plan, bring your ideas to life using bundleIQ.

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