How Do You Know When You Have A Good Idea?

How do they know it’s a good idea?

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Create Growth Experiments & Test Ideas

Since the MVP of bnotes, the Sneakz Organic team has been using the app to build its food and beverage startup. Since 2015, the company scaled the operations to a group of 11 members and went from about 200 retailers to 4,500 nation-wide. As you can imagine, there were many variables at play throughout the process: Product formulation and recipe creation, ingredient sourcing, product design and packaging, supply-chain management, sales, customer service, and marketing.

Experiment Activation

Implementing growth experiments throughout the lifecycle of the business has been essential, and formulating a hypothesis involves a collective contribution of ideas from the team. When a team member says, “I have a good idea!” they really mean they have a hypothesis that needs to be tested. Each time the company does a test, an attribution has to be assessed to answer the questions per above.

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