AI that Enhances Human Intelligence Instead of Replacing It

It’s the classic dilemma of the Information Age, time-spent searching and gathering information. The problem perpetuated by data silos limits workers’ ability to index insights across an organization. Unification of data via a central knowledge repository is possible, but it falls flat as a fully workable solution.

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AI — Augmented Intelligence, a cognitive technology designed to enhance human intelligence rather than replace it.

Work Smarter with Augmented Intelligence

We’re excited to introduce you to ‘IQ — an artificially intelligent writing assistant that saves you time from searching for the content and files you need to do your job.

Investing in the Future of Work

By upgrading from a Free plan to a Paid Plan, you are investing in the future of work as an early adopter. Your support helps us build additional data integrations faster because we can hire more talent and attract funding. Ten dollars per month is meaningful, and we want to do everything in our power to polish your ‘IQ experience. You don’t have to wait until the technology is perfect to show you care; click here to become a patron on Patreon today.

bundleIQ on Chrome

FEATURE: Similar Notes

  • “It’s great to be able to find notes on things from the past, so I can easily remember what was talked about, agreed to, or how to do things.”

Work Smarter Together.

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