Introducing Bnotes for Teams

Hello User,

When it comes to communication, there are two types, short form, and long form. When you think short-form communication, think messaging apps like Slack, otherwise, tools that allow you to be in dialogue with your team.

When considering long-form communication, think documents, word processing, or emails, otherwise, communication that may be extensive or more formal in nature.

P.S. Slack is short-form communication and Bnotes is long-form communication; you would never write someone a document inside Slack.

Using Bnotes in a Team Environment

If you use Slack for team communication, then you are likely familiar with how to use “Channels.” As a user, you can create a channel to organize conversations i.e. topics of discussion.

We created Channels at Bnotes to organize and scale team notes. Similar to Slack, Bnotes Channels exemplifies topics of conversation, categories of interest, or areas of focus. When notes are published to a Channel, they are made available to the team. Channels keep team notes organized and accessible at all times on all devices (No more emailing your notes as an attachment or sending them as files inside Slack).

Example message to a team member, “Jeff, please publish your bnotes from our latest surfboard design meeting to the ‘Design Discussions’ Channel.”

Channel UX in Three Steps

Step one: Create a channel and give it a name

Step two: Invite team members to the channel

Step three: Publish your bnotes to the channel

Side Note: A Lifetime Member does not have to pay to participate in Bnotes Channels, however, if a Lifetime Member* creates a channel then they have to pay for the other members inside that channel. (Team Pricing isn’t available to the public yet).

*Lifetime Member — a limited time Easter egg available to those that are in-the-know (like you).

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Bnotes for Teams — Coming Soon to a device near you!

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