Converting Voice Messages into Relational Notes

How to get the most out of shared Yac messages

2 min readAug 4, 2021
bundleIQ Yac Integration

In the coming week, we’re rolling out several integrations; one of these is with a company called Yac.

If you’re not familiar with Yac, think Slack but audio first messages. It’s a lot easier to explain something audibly than write it, hence the word yac.

With bundleIQ, Yac users get an intelligent knowledge base that builds on their thoughts. Using artificial intelligence, IQ converts Yac messages into relational notes.

Supercharge your knowledge work with IQ

The productivity gains with this integration are mind-blowing.

Not only does IQ save you time from searching, organizing, and remembering, bundleIQ can make unexpected and meaningful connections between ideas (we create Eureka Moments).

For example, let’s say you’re a customer success manager replying to an important prospect about a question they had surrounding the topic “Security,” it’s likely at this moment, as you type, bundleIQ’s AI would suggest the most relevant message from your CTO re: terms of service and security.

Think Grammarly for knowledge.

Our AI engine recognizes your work and brings you essential bits of information at the right time. These aha moments can transform your knowledge sharing via Yac into a productivity rocket ship because now you have a companion that can surface the most relevant insights when you need them most. Watch the 30-second video below to see IQ in action.

Integrate your Yac account with bundleIQ for free.




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