How to Create Relevant and Useful Content as a Team

Bundle is a noun and a verb; if you know you know.

Our last three Medium posts were mostly mid to high-level methodologies of how to scale information across an organization.

Listening to your feedback, I heard, “tell me how bundleIQ works.” So, in the next three articles, we’ll take a deep dive into how our notes, docs, and knowledge-based platform can help you achieve your goals.

How to create a new note, publish it to a bundle, and set permissions.

Starting with the basics, what is a note? A note is synonymous with a document or a digital container where one can quickly store their thoughts, ideas, and strategies.

What is a bundle? As a noun, a bundle is a collection of notes identified by a particular topic or category like Design, Meetings, or Marketing.

In the action-sense, bundling is also a verb because it’s something you can do — bundle your notes.

What are permissions? Giving someone permission means allowing them to do something. In this case, you can give someone permission to edit a note you create and publish to a shared bundle.

Creating a new note in bundleIQ is straightforward — click the new note button in the top left corner, give the note a title, a tag, and add some copy to the body, then click Save. Share the note with other members in your workspace by hovering over the share icon in the note’s top right corner. Click “publish to bundle,” select the bundle, set your permission to read-only, or allow editing, then click “Publish.”

How the “Discuss” feature keeps you from losing meaningful comments.

Discussions occur organically in the workplace and can be spontaneous. Sometimes and maybe even most times, these conversations provide valuable insights into our work. By taking a conscious moment of pause, you can decide to engage intentionally with a co-worker when it comes to capturing knowledge that you will likely need at a later date.

Our unique, “Discuss” functionality gives you and your team the ability to keep conversations appended to the body of work you’re referencing. Instead of messaging your team member(s) about a document, where the dialogue and context quickly get lost, have the discussion right there in the app. Nothing is more frustrating than not remembering or finding a sound bite or critical piece of information shared out of context, making bundleIQ’s Discuss functionality invaluable.

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