Lessons From A Startup Grind Global Conference First-timer

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Main stage bnotes pitch at the Fox Theater

Maximizing the Experience

  • A super simplified option that serves more as a brand reminder, such as a mini business cards or branded (useful) schwag.
  • A one-sheeter, such as a fact sheet or infographic. These people are traveling and are most likely working or investing in advanced tech industries. Printed product decks are archaic to them, so keep it simple for quick consumption. Costs for collateral shouldn’t be more than a couple hundred dollars.

Learning from Investor Insights

Key Investment Metrics

  • Start talking to investors when your revenues hit $10k+ / month.
  • Focus on unit economics
  • Current enterprise SaaS companies are being valued at 6–8x multiples.
  • “There is an irrational element to making an investment so you need to establish a personal relationship.” Verbatim investor advice.
  • Landing venture capital is like elephant hunting. Don’t cast a wide net filled with investors that have no interest in your discipline. Be methodical about your outreach and know who is interested in and relevant to what your selling.
  • At the conclusion of your Seed round, Venture Capitalists should collectively own no more than 25% of your product.
  • Founders should maintain at least 50% of equity after Series A round.




Augmenting Workplace Intelligence

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Augmenting Workplace Intelligence

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