Leveraging IQ to Work Smarter

Earlier this month, March 2021, we published the third variant of IQ, our AI-extension*. This version offers two data integrations making recommendations from your notes in bundleIQ and Wikipedia results. It is available for installation on the Chrome Store and Mozilla Firefox Add Ons.

In terms of performance, version three is significantly better than the previous one, offering quicker indexing and bug fixes. New notes become available for matching within 60 seconds after being saved rather than 5 minutes. As for the bug fixes, we removed redundancy in the system. Deleted messages are no longer available (previously, deleted notes were still returning as suggested results).

Augmenting Intelligence

Still, there’s much to improve with the latest updates, and we’re already thinking through those changes. Firstly, we have some assumptions around how the AI workflow is managed. Predominantly the ideas have to do with the architecture and the models we’re using. By making a couple of tweaks, we should be able to double the quality score. For context, IQ’s effectiveness is determined by the relevance of suggestions on a scale of 1–10. Version three sits somewhere between 3 and 6, depending on a note’s word count.

At this time, notes with 200 words or less appear to be more accurate — larger bodies of content trigger too many keywords and skew the results. Optimizing for keywords isn’t the end goal here anyway. But, we’re running with it for now while we update the ensemble. Because, even at a 3–4 on average, it means there are 3 to 4 documents available for reference as you work.

“As a code school instructor, the students who come to us are often making life-changing decisions. Sometimes this means multiple meetings, calls, emails, and texts with the same person. bundleIQ’s AI makes it easier to keep my students’ information organized and instantly shows me the notes for that student at the moment I’m speaking with them. These real-time insights have been a game-changer in connecting with potential students.” — Michelle Bakels, Boca Code

Making connections between ideas may seem trivial in some cases, but when addressing someone’s life path involves intention, it becomes so much more meaningful. To that end, accessing knowledge at the right time is the name of the game; it’s why we exist. Read, “An AI that AI that Enhances Human Intelligence Instead of Replacing It.

Looking to the future, we’re on track to launch additional AI functionality. To ensure our users get the most out of IQ, we built it as an extension. This means it can work on other websites. Soon, the AI-assistant will contextually serve up results inside Gmail and Google Docs in addition to bundleIQ.

Let that sink in.

Imagine drafting an email and IQ presenting relevant information to the message being written. Or, vice versa, you’re writing a note, and valuable emails become available in real-time.

*AI-extension — an artificially intelligent app that serves up useful notes while you write. This AI is like Siri for knowledge work making meaningful and unexpected connections between ideas.

Augmenting Workplace Intelligence