Master Knowledge Sharing by Leveling Up Your Experience

If you’re looking to hit marvel status by leveling up your workflow, look no further, we got you. You’ll be bundling like a pro in no time, just implement these quick tips to start.

When ideas get bigger, that’s a good thing. In bundleIQ, your space grows with you.

First, if you don’t know already, a Bundle is a collection of notes, and we use bundles to organize your notes by topics like Marketing, Design, or Meetings. To bundle is also a verb in the action-sense because it’s something you get the pleasure of doing — bundle your notes.

Second, create a Bundle and give it a name like Marketing, or in my case, 2020 Election Notes. What happens next is totally up to you. Bundles can remain a solo endeavor for the sake of keeping your thoughts organized, or you can invite your friends, significant other, or co-workers to join you.

Sometimes bundling is more fun and productive with others; I can tell you it’s a lot better than a reply-all email thread. To add members to a Bundle, click Manage Members then enter their email address(es). Watch the video below to see a visual.

Yesterday I received a voice memo from my friend Linda of Lila Life Coaching, asking me if she could move an existing Bundle into a new Workspace. The quick answer is yes, you can, but what prompted her and maybe someone like you to ask?

Let’s pretend you started out using a Bundle to organize some ideas for a new product. Over time, those thoughts congeal, and you have the notion of bringing them to life. You’re collaborating on notes inside the Bundle with a couple of co-workers, and you all come to the point when you agree it may make sense to create a new Workspace. That’s when it’s time to move a Bundle from one ‘space to another.

Click the dropdown menu inside the Bundle you want to move, click Move Bundle, and select the Workspace you want to move it to. All of the notes in the Bundle will carry over along with the people on your team.

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