One of the Best Academic Tools for Grad Students

2 min readJan 30, 2023
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Are you looking for a way to make your academic work easier and more efficient?

If you’re a grad student looking for a way to understand more in less time, then look no further. bundleIQ has revolutionized the workflow of grad students worldwide, and we’re confident it can do the same for you.

But you don’t have to take our word for it; here’s what Robyn has to say about the product.

“bundleIQ is one of the best academic tools I’ve come across in a long time; believe me, I’ve tried many. The ability to summarize not one page but multiple pages and search through not only the content uploaded as bundles but being able to search through my existing Notion databases and collaborate with others is insane! As a history grad student, bundleIQ is an indispensable part of my workflow.”

We realize how much time it takes to read the material, annotate, take notes, understand, and write the essay.

With bundleIQ you get an AI-powered workspace that Reduces Time to Insight. Here are three ways you can leverage this tool to amplify your academic workflow.

Create Your Knowledge Base

As a student, you get the benefit of curating and customizing your knowledge base. Upload a text book, create a note, import a report from the web, add an article, or integrate with existing data in Notion.

Find What You’re Looking For

Content curation is ongoing but once you have a nice base, start leveraging AI-powered search. With bundleIQ, we turn your information into a Google-like Search. You can search by keywords, phrases, or paragraphs and get semantically relevant results based on the meaning and intent of your query. It’s a little bit like magic, but rest assured, it’s not. It’s just math, and we’re really good at it.

Get the Gist Faster

Now that you’ve reduced 1,000s of pages down to a handful of search results, let’s get to the heart of the matter and distill the information even further with AI-powered summarization. This feature can help you quickly and easily identify the key points from a large amount of content and provide an overview of the main ideas, saving you time and effort when researching or analyzing complex topics.

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bundleIQ is an AI Knowledge Base used by researchers and writers to learn more in less time.