Meet ALANI | A Personalized chatGPT

2 min readFeb 22


Gain Insights into Your Data with bundleIQ’s ALANI.

ALANI by bundleIQ

ALANI is bundleIQ’s chatGPT model that helps users quickly gain insights into their data, ask questions about specific topics or create prompts based on internal documents and notes.

This new technology serves as an augmented intelligence that delivers a powerful knowledge force multiplier, enabling users to make light work of their sensemaking journey.

Have a question? Ask ALANI

Want to get clarity or extract insights? Tell ALANI what you‘re looking for

We’re rolling out private beta this week (week of 2/20/23) — Go to to request access.

Ask ALANI and get insights into your data

About ALANI™

ALANI stands for Always Learning About New Information, and it’s our version of SIRI or OpenAI’s version of chatGPT.

ALANI is a natural language processing (NLP) sidekick that allows users to interact with their data in a conversational manner. It “understands” users inputs and generates meaningful responses.

ALANI can be used for a variety of applications, including research, customer service automation, virtual assistants, chatbots, and more. With ALANI, businesses can quickly create powerful AI-driven solutions that provide customers with an engaging experience.

What kind of data?

Create bundles of knowledge by importing pdf files, html files, transcripts, and more. Also, point to bundles of knowledge by integrating your Notion account.

Here’s the easter egg — ALANI will also work with Notion.

*Pricing details — $9.99/mo for Individual licenses or $14.99 for Business Licenses + each license comes with 20,000 free IQ Credits which is equivalent to about 15,000 words or 35 pages of generative content via summarization or ALANI content generation. Additional IQ Credits are billed at the rate of ~ $.03 per 500 words.




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