Simple Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load

2 min readOct 11, 2020


Welcome back to the final tutorial of our three-part series. In this post, you will learn how to create a new Workspace and use Tags to sort through your notes quickly.

Reduce cognitive load by keeping your thoughts neatly filed away with Workspaces and Tags.

Separate Personal from Professional Knowledge

When explaining Workspaces to people, I often use the same analogy I gave my mom. Workspaces are like houses, and your Bundles are like rooms. Leaving one Workspace and going to another is like going from your home to the neighbors. The furniture is different, as well as the kitchen and bedrooms. Likewise, when you go back and forth between Workspaces, you can expect that the notes will be unique.

Having multiple spaces provides a clear separation of projects, companies, or big ideas. Segmentation leaves plenty of room for your thoughts to be expanded upon in their respective areas.

If you plan a big ski trip this winter, you may want to create a Bundle called “Vacations” and invite your family members to collaborate and share notes in a personal Workspace rather than your company space. To achieve this, create a new Workspace and call it Family or some name that designates it as a special space for use outside of your job.

Tag Your Notes and Save Time from Searching

Hashtags provide a simple and easy way to stay organized and save time. The following is a meta example, but a relevant one; I use the hashtag #tutorial to filter through the articles I write in bundleIQ. When there are hundreds or thousands of notes in your Workspace, you’ll be happy to have tags as an option to sort through the content.

Another example, you run a digital agency and use bundleIQ to organize client advertising copy. Create a Bundle called Advertising and use the Tag #copy and maybe another tag to identify which medium you’re targeting like #facebook or #pinterest.

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