Supercharge Notion with bundleIQ

Add Artificial Intelligence to Your Notion Workspace

We’re bringing artificial intelligence to Notion through Semantic Search* and AI-powered knowledge assistance.

bundleIQ is a new artificial intelligence designed to help you work smarter by giving you quick access to answers and insights.

We do this by creating a knowledge graph of your data. Then, we provide a digital agent that automatically connects you to helpful information.

As you navigate Notion or somewhere else online, you’ll see bundleIQ working alongside you. When browsing the web, composing emails (in Gmail), contributing to Notion pages, and taking notes, the extension recognizes your writing and offers contextually relevant info in real-time.

The goal is to augment understanding by serving up knowledge that may be buried or forgotten.

In the way that Grammarly helps you write better, bundleIQ helps you think better; we’re on a mission to augment human capacity by assisting people to work smarter.

bundleIQ is the perfect sidekick for managers, content creators, analysts, students, researchers, sales professionals, and customer support workers that need quick access to answers and insights.

Use bundleIQ Semantic Search to find/discover content that may not be easily accessible via Notion’s Quick Search

What Does the Extension Do?

  • Offers AI-powered search (Semantic Search)
  • Builds a knowledge graph and creates connections in your data. These connections can be accessed via the bundleIQ chrome extension.
  • Save time from searching, managing, and duplicating.

What’s New in v2.0.2

  • Added bundleIQ to the Notion Workspace
  • Revised the filter functionality in the extension to sort the suggestions by source
  • Enhanced the app’s look and feel

Here’s How

*Semantic search engines are becoming increasingly popular as they offer more accurate and relevant results than traditional search engines. They consider the meaning of words and how they relate to one another, rather than just the individual keywords. This is similar to the way humans interpret language, often making the results more relevant to the user.



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