The AI-Powered Bookmark Tool That Works For You

2 min readSep 30, 2022

If you’re looking for a way to keep up with the information you come across on the web then look no further.

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A Smarter Way to Work

This research and writing assistant helps you gather, create, and learn.

The extension is unique because it uses AI to connect you to useful insights when browsing the web, composing emails, and taking notes. In the way that Grammarly helps you write better, bundleIQ helps you think better.

Add content via the web clipper and we’ll intelligently bring the information to you when you need it most.

What’s New In Version (3.2.0)

  • Improved web clipper — Now, when you right-click “save as note,” you can choose which workspace and bundle you want to save it to.

Note: this new version will be live in about 24 hrs — by 10/2/22

right-click save to bundle

Who Is This Extension For?

  • Researchers, analysts, and content creators who gather information make sense of it and use the insights to create accurate narratives.

Benefits of the bundleIQ Chrome Extension

  • Fuzzy Search & Semantic Search — go beyond keywords and get results based on meaning and intent
  • Information Recall — get insights from your notes as you browse the web
  • Knowledge Graph — all of the notes in your workspace are graphed automatically
  • Writing Assistance — get related notes to the content you’re creating
  • Advanced Web Clipper — save content from anywhere using our right-click to save functionality

Install bundleIQ on chrome and get started for free —




bundleIQ is an AI Knowledge Base used by researchers and writers to learn more in less time.