The Emergence of Cyber-Human Knowledge Workers

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As data becomes more complex, it is increasingly difficult for people & machines to analyze it independently. eg. A person’s working memory is limited in capacity to seven items, plus or minus two. Our brain only stores the most important details when trying to remember something. This can often lead to inaccurate memories, as some vivid details are lost or melded with other memories.

What is needed is a combination of people and computers working together, which is referred to as a cyber-human system.

Here’s an example of how you can co-create with our AI to quickly understand large amounts of information.

AI summary generator

Moving deeper into the human-machine dynamic and looking at what businesses can do to reimagine processes around such a dynamic, researchers argue that while specific tasks will always be exclusive to either humans or machines, many old jobs are transforming. New jobs are emerging that require a partnership between the two. This shift is happening in what they call the “missing middle” — new working methods mainly missing from current economic research and reporting on jobs. The traditional approach has been to view humans and machines as rivals, but the authors believe this is an oversimplification that neglects the potential for powerful collaboration between the two.

Companies are finding that human-machine teams are more effective than either humans or machines working alone. Machines have strengths like speed and accuracy, while humans have strengths like creativity and social skills. When businesses understand the relative strengths of each, they can improve employee motivation and effectiveness while also increasing their bottom line.

In the past 200 years, technologies have eliminated jobs and created new ones. Artificial intelligence may do the same, but the burden of proof is high for anyone who argues that this time will be different. Most likely, our grandchildren will work jobs we cannot imagine today.

For more on cyber-human systems read, “Human + Machine Reimagining Work in the Age of AI by Paul R. Daugherty, H. James Wilson”

For more about ways to co-create with bundleIQ head over to our YouTube Channel.



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