The Future of Content Consumption & Discovery is AI Chat

2 min readOct 27, 2023
The future of content consumption is powered by AI Chatbots

Publishers face a major challenge — helping readers efficiently find relevant information across vast archives using traditional keyword searches. But AI is transforming content discovery through intelligent conversational tools.

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Platforms like Forbes created Adelaide, an AI search engine providing personalized article recommendations and summarized answers to natural language questions.

Adelaide was trained on 12 months of published Forbes stories to understand the archive and deliver ultra-relevant results, increasing engagement.

AI Conversation Is The Future

The launch of Adelaide shows the immense value AI conversation could provide publishers. As the technology advances, AI chatbots will digest full archives to have productive “discussions” with readers and satisfy their interests with tailored facts, stats, and articles.

For readers, AI chat removes friction in exploring static information. For publishers, it provides a new premium delivery channel, with readers paying for exclusive AI access and knowledge.

Many publishers have untapped potential in their content libraries. AI chat can transform this into subscription revenue, with readers eager to conveniently access insights from a trusted source.

bundleIQ’s Custom AI Solution

This is where bundleIQ comes in. Our AI solution customizes chatbots using a publisher’s unique data/voice as training. The result is an AI advisor specific to your content and audience.

We handle all AI development and deployment. Publishers maintain full control while benefiting from:

  • Significantly improved content discovery for readers
  • New recurring revenue streams
  • Optimized content insights subscribers are willing to pay for
  • Increased engagement and time spent with your brand

For example, an AI chatbot trained on your podcast transcripts will expertly answer subscriber questions using key learnings from your show.

Unlock Your Content’s Potential

The AI summarizes must-know insights from your archive into easily digestible nuggets accessible via conversation. This drives subscriptions from readers seeking quick value.

Our tech handles cited responses, branding, access management, and security so you can focus on content while monetizing via AI chat.

Unlock your content’s potential now. bundleIQ makes it easy and low-risk to implement custom, proprietary AI your audience will love exploring.

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bundleIQ is introducing a personalized AI chatbot that can be customized to a brand’s content. This chatbot allows industry publishers, such as podcasters, newsletter creators, and media sites, to transform their content into a subscription-based product. The chatbot, named Alani, enhances curated content with conversational AI and provides users with exclusive access to proprietary insights. It also allows subscribers to engage with the information, ask questions, and gain instant insights, making knowledge exploration a more interactive and engaging experience.




bundleIQ is an AI Knowledge Base used by researchers and writers to learn more in less time.