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The Play Between Large Language Models and Creativity

Where do ideas come from? Can AI produce the ‘spark’ you need?



Artist and creation with LLM’s as a tool. image jeff x DALLE.3

You know creativity when you see it. You know artists. You can see their work on hanging on the walls of NY studios, splashed on brick walls on buildings ‘round the world, and taped to refrigerator doors in every family home in America.

We know the tools used. It’s the hammer and chisel. Paintbrush. Pen and paper. Computer.

But do you know about LLM’s and how they are becoming the must-have tool for modern day creators?

Let’s start with an every-person style description of an LLM. Large Language Models (LLM) like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a type of artificial intelligence that understands and generates human-like text based on the data it’s been trained on. It predicts the most likely response to a prompt. Imagine it as a highly advanced, digital partner that has read a vast array of books, articles, and websites. By analyzing patterns in this massive dataset, LLMs can compose text that mimics human writing styles, answers questions, generates ideas, and even creates stories or poems.

AI systems often create LLM’s by cramming them full of as much information as possible. Grabbing information in multiple forms from multiple sources. The internet is crammed full of data. But creating an LLM in this manner may be helpful in answering your emails, or writing thank you notes, but they are not so helpful in creating original and imaginative work.


Well, creativity is a human trait. It’s a product of our core values. Values such as imagination, emotional intelligence, curiosity, and experience. Often we experience a spark of inspiration when we combine or make a connection between two separate or disparate concepts. It’s peanut butter and chocolate. Smashed together. Creating something new and unique.

A general LLM cannot help with this creation. LLM’s are not curious. They are not emotional.

But they can help in a couple of ways; idea generation, knowledge acquisition, and spotting connections between unconnected data.

Idea generation: Sometimes the most difficult part of creation is getting started. We’ve all sat in front of a blank page or a flashing cursor waiting for inspiration to get us writing. An LLM can provide an infinite number of ideas on a given topic. Some will be great. Others will be stupid. But all will get you started and give you the opportunity to apply your own insights and imagination to a simple prompt.

Knowledge acquisition: LLM’s can also be personal. Create your own LLM around a specific topic or a specific technique or combines multiple art forms into one LLM.

These curated LLM’s help artist learn quicker. If you want a touch of baroque in your creation fill your LLM with art and architecture and writing from the period. This creates a ‘Baroque’ expert you can query.

You can also create multiple LLM’s on various topics and chat with each of them at once. Create a Hemingway LLM with a focus on clean, clear prose. Create a Bob Dylan LLM with a history of music as activism. Create a ancient history LLM with the works of the Stoics combined with Shakespeare.

And then query them. It’s like having your own board of directors or panel of expert teachers to help guide you.

Spotting connections: The secret is the connection between the LLM’s. You’ve created your own brainstorming session with some of the newest or oldest or most innovative people possible. You’ve built LLM’s around new techniques or scientific discoveries. Now by combining the curated LLM’s you’ll get a response and connection from the data sets you’ve selected. It’s like smashing a computer together with a phone to create smart phones.

You are creating ‘Eureka Moments’.

Then add your own talents. It’s how it works. Each generation building upon the works of those that came before them. LLM’s supply the data, you do the smashing.

In short:

  1. Creativity is a human trait that involves imagination, emotional intelligence, and curiosity.
  2. LLM’s can help create starter prompts getting the artist working and creating ideas.
  3. LLM’s can be specifically curated around a topic.
  4. Multiple LLM’s can be curated to create knowledge from different disparate fields to help spark unique insights and learning.
  5. LLM’s can be used to help enhance and speed the understanding and use of new techniques.

LLM’s supply the raw material, the clay, artist use to craft content and artwork. They supply the knowledge used to evolve, to improve technique, and to make connections between different fields.

Humans supply the creativity and emotions to create data into art.

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