This is for the Crazy Ones Who Think They Can Change the World

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to get a product, heck even a function, to market lately. It’s been a test getting to this point and wondering if we’ll ever pass it; we’ve been 4th and inches for some time now.

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These are the variables at play: money, talent, time, know-how. And the Pandemic threw in a few more unknowns throughout 2020. Engineers weren’t in the right seat on the bus, and the ones that were bailed after they realized the economy was collapsing.

Defining What Success Means To Us

Life as we know it is different, which means the destination has changed. How? I don’t know exactly. Making adjustments has been vital throughout the process. In these novel times, changes haven’t come by trivial or straightforward decision-making. It’s all part of the experience.

Maybe. The outcome really depends on how we define success.

Success = Aptitude.

Success for us is ensuring that knowledge workers can solve problems faster than before, saving time and focusing attention.

It’s bridging the discrepancy gap in a worker’s mind between the unknown and partially known to complete understanding. It’s making informed decisions quick enough to prevent extinction of any kind. Without knowing the formula, y=mx+b, you can’t solve for the rise over run. It’s all about assuring that people arrive at the desired outcome. Do you feel me?

Understanding The Role of Intelligence

Augmented intelligence is the meta-narrative occurring in the background; it’s the exhibition that nobody sees. Thinking isn’t conscious; it just happens. This new AI performs as a subconscious worker processing information. And it exemplifies the future of work as an artificially intelligent agent working to support humans instead of replacing them.

In the case of ‘IQ, it’s a helper, but to be clear, not a subservient actor that takes commands. We aim to present an AI that operates in the capacity of co-creation because it’s smart and can do things humans can’t. In the same ways an app like Grammarly helps you write better, ‘IQ enables you to think better. Expanding upon your thoughts comes by way of inspiration. The potential for revelations come through intelligent suggestions, and those suggestions can potentially bridge the aforementioned gap. Read, “The One Thing bundleIQ Does Better Than Any Other Company.”

Realizing the Potential of Team over Talent

As a non-technical founder, I benefit from not being in the code details every day, but I miss out on the potential of getting underneath the project to do the heavy lifting. It’s a conundrum I struggle with, especially when we aren’t shipping. However, I’m encouraged by the fact that our success doesn’t depend on coding capabilities alone; instead, it takes a team to deliver the vision.

The team is something I’m always working on. Today, I had a great call with a senior software engineer, Todd Albert. Todd built his first arcade game as a teen, became a scientist and NASA research fellow, and taught at universities. He’s a dynamic individual, someone familiar with the burden of demanding projects. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes for Todd. His time at NASA was formative, employing satellite imagery to study glacier melt and help scientists combat climate change. Thankfully his work translates into an affinity for bundleIQ and the problem we are solving.

For the team, Todd may be the play maker we need to win this game; we’ll know soon enough. For the fans/all of you, whether you’re a scientist like Todd, an engineer, a marketer, an attorney, a doctor, or a student, the team here at bundleIQ is here for you. And we are excited to offer a guide, in the form of ‘IQ, that supports the work you do.

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