Understanding Long-form Communication as it Pertains to Effective Workflow

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Everything that we create comes to be known by way of communication whether it be verbal (written or oral), visual, or non-verbal. As it pertains to written communication, there are two: long-form and short-form.

Written Communication

Short-form communication is essentially messaging that takes place via text or messaging apps like Slack and Whatsapp.

Long-form communication is word processing (think 100 words or more) and typically works towards the creation of a document. When considering long-form communication, you have a handful of tools to choose from: Word, Pages, Google Docs, Evernote, email.. And now, bnotes

If asked to choose the best long-form communication tool from this list, you might select Docs or Evernote, but you wouldn’t be accurate in doing so.

What’s wrong with these tools?

Word and Pages don’t scale well in a team environment or in the cloud.

Google Docs does work well in the cloud but does not scale well in a team environment due to organization complexities and permissions inside folders.

Evernote does scale better than Docs, Word, and Pages but like Docs falls short in the organization category.

bnotes works well in the cloud and scales due to its flat organization system utilizing Channels and Tags as well as simple collaboration vs the alternative folder hierarchies.

Watch the video and see for yourself!

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