What I learned from you, the user, since launching Bnotes.

Today is day two of our first full week and I’ve already learned a lot about where we are and where I think we’re going.

For starters, many of you have asked me how the Bnotes launch went. Well, the answer is good but not great.

I didn’t plan an elaborate launch, mainly because I was well aware of the improvements that would quickly follow version 1.0. So, rather than spending precious resources hyping up the app, we, the team, took a deep dive on two things: design and copy.

If you’ve been paying attention since last year, you’ve already noticed that we completely overhauled our branding and re-worked our app design which seems to be paying off.

(previous web app design below)


The feedback on our design has been incredible. People continue to express their love for the look of the software, the branding, and overall design (we’ll give it an A). However, we keep hearing that the flow of the software is not quite where it needs to be. Fortunately, we kind of expected that we would have a good amount of work to do in this department (we’ll give it a C+ or B-). We’re taking your feedback into consideration so feel free to send it to me directly nick@bnotes.co.

Without getting into features and functionality, I’ll touch briefly on the areas of improvement that we are working on in the current version of the app, as you see it today. The main focus for us, beyond bug fixes inside the note editor, is to help you understand what makes Bnotes intelligent.

For this, an introduction to the Business Intelligence dashboard is the best place to start. And admittedly it’s the piece of the puzzle that we didn’t give FREE accounts access to because frankly, we weren’t ready to show it off.

Note: We had 200 or so users on private BETA. Of which, I have personally met with many of these users and walked them through my vision for how they will use BI to support their efforts. However, for the sake of creating a good experience for all of you, we wanted to hold off on giving open access to a 30-day trial environment.

If you have an “Essential” plan then here’s what your dashboard will look like until you decide to upgrade or start your free 30-day trial.

Copy, Story, Narrative, etc…

“From Ideas to Results”

Bnotes keeps your thoughts organized and informed so that you can move them into action, and gauge the impact of your efforts.

After reading the above copy, what do you think? (leave a comment on this article)

Creating copy is not easy, it’s tricky and challenging and effective copy is not to be taken for granted. I’ve learned that I’m decent at creating website/app copy but not great. As a company, you are supposed to communicate a solution to a customer’s problem but that’s not always easy to articulate.

Most company websites communicate product and features, meaning that they tell you all about the product. However, as a consumer, you really want to know how this product will solve a problem and ultimately bring value to your life.

Bare with me, another thing I learned is that I don’t have our pitch dialed yet. At its core, I want to say that Bnotes solves an organization problem. Here’s my thought process…

Everything you think, dream or desire represents energy that is unique to you. We can agree that your energy in action is essentially received by people as information. When people watch you say or do something they think to themselves, what is happening? So, imagine holding up a mirror to your actions.

Q: What would you see?

A: You would see the impact of your efforts.

It’s all information — we’re giving and receiving it all the time.

I learned that I need to continue to workshop how people experience the Bnotes ecosystem. Physics isn’t a topic that resonates with many, however, there’s something to be said about taking a different approach to helping people understand how they show up in the world. I’m not giving up on this approach rather, rigorously refining it.

The organization of your energy is cyclical. You have a thought, you write it down (or not), you build upon that thought until you have a plan. You move that plan into action. That effort creates results. You view the results (enter BI dashboard). You have an idea how to optimize your efforts. You write it down.

Welcome to Bnotes, from idea through results.

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