The difference between Intelligence and Knowledge

2 min readApr 10, 2022


Language is funny because when writing, the words knowledge, intelligence, information, and data are often used interchangeably. Here’s what makes Knowledge and Intelligence different.

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IQ vs. Knowledge

Intelligence = ability

When it comes to problem-solving, one thing’s for sure; it requires sense-making. You have to break problems down into chunks of information and apply a formula or series of procedures to achieve the desired outcome.

This is a silly example of a problem statement, but what if I ask you to make banana bread? You might pause and say, ok, what are the ingredients, or do you have the recipe?

As we all know, precision is everything when it comes to baking. To successfully bake the perfect loaf of banana bread, you have to build on what you know and find the answers to things you don’t. There are missing pieces of information in this case, and there’s a missing formula.

We need the list of ingredients and the recipe.

An ingredients list = information and knowledge = __________

Knowledge = recipe

A recipe takes the guesswork out of problem-solving because it tells you what’s required to reach the solution.

If intelligence represents your ability to solve a problem, then knowledge is the formula that tells you how to get there.

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