I had a call with a VC firm today out of NYC. And as most VCs do, they asked about our target customer. That question steered us to an exciting conversation about what our users look like today. As a result, I was inspired to profile what we know about our audience.

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For starters, bundleIQ users are knowledge workers — people who think for a living. More specifically, they are “non-routine” problem solvers that demand both linear and creative thinking.

i.e., Programmers, physicians, pharmacists, architects, engineers, scientists, design thinkers, accountants, lawyers, and academics

Secondly, our users are pioneers and early adopters — those individuals that see the world a little bit differently. They are the ones that challenge the status quo because they care. They consider what’s beyond the horizon and expect themselves to be adventurous enough to invest the time to find out.

Most are likely iPhone users, Netflix subscribers, Amazon Prime customers, Yoga and meditation enthusiasts, and tech industry peeps that enjoy the outdoors. If they were a book, they’d be the Four Hour Work Week or Essentialism coming in a close second because they’re purposeful with their time. Life for our users is exciting and has meaning; it’s a choose your own adventure narrative that reveals itself every morning.

If our users were a vehicle, they would be a Tesla Model 3, a Toyota Tacoma, a Subaru Outback, or maybe a Honda CRV because they care about receiving exceptional value for their investment. I imagine their mode of transport is capable, efficient, and stylish while delivering the best ROI.

At daybreak, they are already up to greet the sun. To them, discipline is paramount because, with intention, there is no time to waste. Food is essential, and the experiences that go along with eating don’t come by chance. Our users are passionate about the ways they nourish their bodies. With awareness comes understanding and a knowing that renders the secret sauce. It’s a special formula they’ve been brewing for some time.

For us, this has been a year of discovery, so we could hone in on the things that matter. Understanding our users was one of those things. Now that the picture is clear, we are on a mission to deliver more and more value. If you look a lot like what has been described, then we want you here. Your feedback is welcomed, and we’re eager to listen. Email hello@bundleiq.com with whatever you have to say, good, bad, or indifferent; it’s all information we can use to better serve you and the greater bundleIQ community.

What They Look Like

Men — 66%

Women — 34%

Ages 25–34–39%

Ages 35–44–23%

Ages 45–54–14%

What They Embody

Value Shoppers


Movie Lovers

Business Professionals

Health & Fitness Buffs

Where They Live



New York



The Time They Spend

17% are returning visitors

25% of the returning visitors come back more than 15xs and generate half of the total pageviews

56% of the visitors have spent 10–30+ minutes using the app

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