A Trait, Most People Lack, That Makes Work Difficult For Us All

There’s a ubiquitous trait that most people lack, no matter their level of experience, from students to industry professionals.

“All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.”–Baruch Spinoza

Being Noteworthy

In the workplace, thoughtfulness is paramount but not guaranteed. To frame the conversation, when you feel like you have an idea to contribute, what’s your next move?

  1. Slack, “Check this out — (link URL) you might find some inspo.
  2. Shared Note, “What I appreciate most about the architecture of these homes is how the room views face inwards towards the pool. Southeast Asia’s indoor/outdoor living space is inspiring to me; check out some examples — (link URL).
  1. Email and Slack content aren’t easy to find at a later date. If the subject has to remember to get back to your request to derive inspiration from an article, they may not endure the burden of finding your message.

Let Knowledge Be Your Guide

Elders of the old days used to pass down culturally relevant stories by oral tradition. Today, much of what we learn is stored on databases and accessed via the world wide web. Multimedia and text are the vehicles by which we download information into our brains. Prioritization is necessary to form lasting impressions that allow us to recall knowledge quickly. Subconsciously we are determining if insights are mission-critical or not.

Work Smarter Together.

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