Why Choosing bundleIQ Over Google Docs 99% of the Time Makes Sense | Article 2 of 2

3 min readOct 20, 2020


With all of the note and doc apps available, determining where to document your ideas and strategies isn’t necessarily an obvious choice.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. — George Bernard Shaw

I’ll start by saying, I like Google Docs and there are times where it makes sense to use Docs but for everyday teamwork its functionality is either too much or not enough.

About Google Docs.

  • I can’t find the link to the doc — All too often, links leave you asking the question, where is it?
  • Somebody authorized the wrong email address, and I have to request access — When people have multiple contact emails, adding the right one can be problematic.
  • There’s little to no context across accounts — A list of docs by date or a smattering of clarity creates a challenging environment to manage files in.

The initial article, Why Teams Choose bundleIQ (formerly bnotes) Over Google Docs, expanded on three benefits.

  1. Workspaces — organized spaces
  2. Bundles — collaborative categories
  3. Tags — quick filters

The Speed and Flow of Progress

Addressing how teams organize and access their content are the main reasons why bundleIQ offers workflow efficiency. There’s more; in this post, learn three ways to adapt the process of getting stuff done.

When/if you are still considering which to use, analyze speed and flow. There are challenges to group work. Actively connecting people to knowledge by sharing links and folders is useful but not ideal. A model environment ensures that content can go through multiple iterations with ease.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” — George Bernard Shaw.

Establishing a fluid communication method that works is the key to progress, which is why we stripped away the noise and kept only the essentials. What’s left is a thoughtfully designed system that supports a creator’s foundational needs — the desire to log a thought, expand upon it, and share it with others. Members get to communicate in both long and short formats with notes and discussions. Alternatively, Google Docs offers only long-form communication.

Notes and Discussions

What happens when you walk into the coffee shop, and a thought comes to mind?

Creating a doc is not likely your first choice. Maybe jotting a note in Apple Notes or texting yourself, setting a reminder, or even emailing yourself are semi-practical options. The reality is, this kind of response happens more than you’d probably like to admit. For starters, Notes and Docs aren’t the same, but one of them can serve both functions.

Hey Siri, “Launch bundleIQ.” Tap on the plus button to create a new note, use text to talk on the keyboard, or simply store the idea by typing at that moment before it’s gone.

In a matter of seconds, you have a note, and it’s shared with your team while on-the-go (no links and zero folders involved). The person on the receiving end who just got a notification can now start a discussion just as quickly. “This is an interesting perspective, Karla. Do you want to bring it up in our meeting later?” Maybe you do, and the fact that your co-worker responded after receiving a notification was timely yet unexpected.

Collaborative Editing

And editing inside notes stays decluttered from highlights and real-time collaboration. Instead, collaboration occurs asynchronously. In most cases, there is a primary owner of a doc, and that person is likely the one that will be delivering the final asset in their own words. Discussing in the sidebar of a note supports the creator while providing space for them to think and expand upon their work. Read, Get the Most out of your Board of Directors Time and Energy to see how notes and discussions perform in a working example.

There is one thing that bundleIQ is missing that we promise to implement, and that is the ability to create and manage templates.

For more bundleIQ benefits, read AI that Enhances Human Intelligence Instead of Replacing It.

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